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About the Space & Satellite Applications landscape tool

The Space & Satellite Applications landscape in the UK includes Satellite Manufacturing (upstream) and Satellite Applications (downstream) organisations, and in mapping it the KTN aims to provide clarity for businesses seeking to innovate in this sector. This tool aims to provide a high-level visual, dynamic representation of the makeup of organisations and funders within the UK Space & Satellite Applications Landscape. It is intended as a user-friendly interface that presents a de-cluttered view of some of the UK opportunities to access support and funding to drive innovation in the sector, and is available as a resource to all. The data set also includes information on Funders, Innovation Centres, Underpinning Organisations, Networks, Research & Training Programmes, and Key Sector Organisations. It further links to Innovate UK’s database on successfully funded projects/organisations, where users can find information on innovative organisations in the Space & Satellite Applications sector. Feedback is welcome on this Landscape Tool, including any omissions, ways of expanding or further filtering and curating the content in the future – please contact Andy Bennett.

How to use

How to use this tool

The space and satellite applications landscape in the UK is complex and the first version of the landscape features over 400 organisations including companies and government bodies. In order to help with searching this data, we have categorised organisations in a number of ways, broadly using the London Economics “Size & Health of the UK Space Industry” categories. On opening the tool, you will see an overview of top-level categories, with the numbers showing how many organisations in each category.


Clicking on one of the colour-coded circles will scroll the page to a list of all entries within that top-level category.


By default, all sub-categories are shown when a top-level category is selected. On this part of the page, you now have the option to filter the results by clicking on one of the sub-categories. You can also filter the results by the application area each organisation specialises in, the location by city or by the name of the organisation (begin typing in the search box to start narrowing down the results).


In addition to the list view, you can click on an individual entry to view further information and links to its website.


An alternative view, accessed via a toggle at the top of the screen, categorises the data by satelllite application market area. The categories broadly use key markets identified by the Space Growth Partnership. 


The KTN has contacts at many of the companies and organisations in the landscape map and you can contact us at any time via Andy Bennett, if you would like to be connected. Please also contact us with queries about this tool, and suggestions on how this resource could be improved. We welcome your thoughts, including any omissions, corrections, ways of expanding or further ļ¬ltering and curating the content in the future.